Company’s risks are placed both in facultative and obligatory reinsurance. In respect of facultative reinsurance, we cooperate with Insurance Company “BROKBUSINESS”, PJS “IC “MEGA-POLICY”, PSC "UJSIC  ASKA", PJSC “IC “ALLIANCE”, PJSC "IC "Colonnade Ukraine", PJSC IC “PZU UKRAINE”, INSURANCE COMPANY “TEKOM”, PJSC “IC “PROVIDNA”.

With regards to obligatory reinsurance program - in 2013, with AON Benfield broker’s assistance, international underwriters - SCOR and Partner Reinsurance Europe, Swiss (with credit rating Standard & Poor's "А+") has signed with PJSC “AZINCO Insurance Company” obligatory reinsurance contract of marine risks, that provides full guaranties of PJSC “AZINCO Insurance Company’s polices and certificates security.

All marine risks of PJSC “AZINCO Insurance Company” are placed on the Western Insurance Market (SCOR and Partner Reinsurance Europe, Swiss).